Corporate Overview

MAB Discovery was founded in 2010 by a group of scientists with many years of large pharma drug discovery experience. Their goal was to adhere to large pharma standards, but to operate with the flexibility, speed and innovative spirit found in biotechs. Based outside of Munich, Germany.

MAB Discovery’s approach to creating high quality monoclonal antibodies relies on the natural antibody maturation process following immunization; and the ability to clone and select B cells expressing matured antibodies employing state of the art automation.
Rather than relying on conventional single hit optimization techniques of a few selected antibodies, the MAB Discovery approach creates a diverse collection of many hundreds of high affinity antibodies that arise from immunization of different species, including rat and rabbit. By using sophisticated B cell cloning techniques, the MAB Discovery scientists can capture and examine virtually the immunized animal’s entire repertoire to a given immunogen.
Application of the MAB Discovery platform therefore creates a vast repertoire of high quality candidate antibodies in terms of potency and epitope coverage from which to choose, all carried out with matchless speed and overall efficiency. In the case of rabbits, hundreds of picomolar binders arise, obviating the need for further affinity optimization, saving time and money.

MAB Discovery wishes to align with partners, both biotechs and big pharma, in need of high quality candidate monoclonals to initiate their programs. MAB Discovery is flexible regarding the kinds of collaborations the partner wishes to engage in. The Company is capable of taking a project all the way from immunization, assay development, high throughput screening, and functional characterization to provide an optimized recombinant cell line expressing the clinical candidate, but can also hand off to the partner at any stage.